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30/08/2015 · Do you got good air flow?shitty air flow can slow plants growth too.i keep plenty of plants under cfl but its not about how many plants can a certain light pends on size of plants of should be more thinking "how big a space does a 300w cfl adequetly say a couple of square want cfl to be pretty close to the. How to pick the best CFL Grow Lights. Light quantity and quality of your bulbs can bring or break your garden's productivity. Most of the CFLs sold on the market only have the Lumen, wattage, and Kelvins as the descriptions of their bulbs. But to measure the effect of these units onto your plant growth, they are not a very good measuring unit.

I was wondering can i use a 7w 2700k CFL light for the veg state until it reaches 8" to 1' with the fan gently blowing on it as of right now my plant is about an 1 1/4 of an inch and its about 4 days old all the way from a seed i been putting it on the window for the past days so it could get some sunlight so as of right now its getting about12. One of your bulbs just broke or burned out. You want to get an energy saving light bulb but which type lasts the longest all while giving you the best quality light? And more importantly, which will put the most money back in your wallet? Choosing an energy efficient light bulb is a lot easier now because the old CFL vs LED debate is over. Metal Halide for Veg, High Pressure Sodium for flower. CFL's and fluorescent tubes High Output T5's are good work well for vegging. They typically cost less than a metal halide ballast, bulb and reflector but still veg effectively. 30/05/2009 · Best light for veg is deff. CFL I dont like MH in veg its hot and to strong for young plants. it would be best if you can use cfl cool daylight 6500k 865 in first few weeks then switch ti MH and then in flowering HPS.but thats to much so.the best is to find whats good for your setup.its on you to decide and try and then you'll know. 1-16 of 48 results for "cfl veg".

19/06/2011 · I am looking to upgrade soon to a 250w HPS and was thinking of getting a dual spec so I can then use it for my second grow for both veg and flower, as they give out more lumens than CFL. But I have read of many people saying they use CFL for veg either 125w or. They come in an array of colors and strengths with some CFL bulbs having wattage rivaling that of a small HID light. You could easily find a CFL bulb with as little as 12 watts or as much as 125, and both would work for growing. CFLs use your typical light socket, which can be both a blessing and a curse.

04/01/2013 · I built a light with the 42W cfl's too but no pics here. basics are simple though, i just used plywood for a top and 3/4 x 5.5 inch pine board for sides. mine was for 8 plants veg so i went with 8 42W cfl and spaced them 8 inches for 1.78 gal pots. I built a diy veg light out of led strip reel. Used 24 ft of 6000k-6500k 5630 led strip. I just cut em layed em out on flat.064" aluminum panels and built a frame. The frame was easy but laying em out was fun. Soldering was ok lol. Took me about 2 hours to cut the strips lay em and solder em. now i have.

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